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3 Simple Secrets to a Healthy Mouth

3 Simple Secrets to a Healthy Mouth

If you are like most people, you look at celebrities and others with perfectly healthy mouths and wonder what they are doing different from everyone else.

Below, we take a look at some little-known tidbits about the manner in which tooth and gum care should be performed.

Follow this advice and you just might notice a meaningful improvement in the look, feel and function of your teeth and gums.

A Healthy Mouth Hinges on the Manner in Which You Brush and Floss

Too many people think flossing at night and brushing two times per day is all that is required to maintain a healthy mouth.  In reality, the manner in which you floss and brush matters a great deal. When flossing, gently glide a new segment of the floss in between each of your teeth and the gums below.  Slide the floss down into the gum line, forming the shape of a C. Move the floss around in this tight space to loosen bacteria, food particles and other gunk.

Do not use the same portion of floss for the next tooth.  Use a new section of the floss when cleaning each space between teeth.  When brushing, spend at least two minutes performing a full clean of your entire mouth.  This means cleaning the tongue, gums, the roof of your mouth, the teeth and even the inside portions of the cheeks.

Looking for a Healthy Mouth?  Watch What You Put in It

The chances of having a healthy mouth are greatly diminished if you are not mindful of your habits.  It is not enough to forego the majority of artificial sugar and processed foods in favor of a nutritious diet.  You must also eliminate tobacco and cigarettes as well. Most smokers are aware of the fact that tobacco is bad for overall biological health.  However, many are unaware of just how bad tobacco use is for the mouth. Tar and nicotine will eat away at the gums, stain the teeth and induce halitosis.  Tobacco can also harm bones beneath the teeth, heightening the chances of tooth loss and oral cancer. The bottom line is those who smoke or use tobacco in any other form must quit as soon as possible in order to have a healthy mouth.

In terms of foods that pose a direct threat to the mouth, everything from sugar to carbohydrates, citrus, red wine, coffee and tea can negatively impact the mouth. The effects of these beverages and foods extend beyond superficial stains. Citrus-based drinks and foods are acidic. The same is true of red wine. Sugar-laden drinks will erode tooth enamel and ramp up the chances of cavities.

A Healthy Mouth Is Not Used for Anything but Eating and Drinking

The teeth should not be used to open items.  Your chances of having a healthy mouth will be that much better if you limit the use of your teeth to eating.  Do not chew on pencils, pens, ice or anything else. Teeth should never be used as a tool. Though this might seem like common sense, a surprising number of people are willing to use their teeth to open things or for other purposes that have the potential to cause significant oral damage.

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