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A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Health While Improving Your Smile

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Health While Improving Your Smile

Cosmetic DentistAs a cosmetic dentist, we know that the world of cosmetic dentistry is a vast, and expanding, one. Today there are a numerous procedures and process that we perform that make the science and art of cosmetic dentistry directly associated with the health of the mouth as a whole.  When you start to look at the roots of all dentistry, you will find that people embarked on a quest for better, and hence healthier, teeth because they wanted to look good. Lost teeth or blackened teeth so disturbed humanity that we created an entirely new medical group to deal with it - dentists. Today cosmetic dentistry is starting to come into its own. Not only are we committed to our core value of giving back a great smile, but we have also made a large impact on the overall health and well-being of our patient's mouths.

How can cosmetic dentistry, which even sounds like it is more focused on looks, actually influence the wellbeing of your mouth? The answer to that lies in two simple facts. First when you have better-looking teeth, you tend to make better decisions about how to treat them. For example, people who have had their teeth whitening done and are conscious about their teeth staying white will tend to avoid excessive caffeine, including tea, coffee, and cola products. This is actually a better lifestyle choice. The second way that cosmetic dentistry makes a difference in your mouth is that the actual processes we use to give you a better smile have a direct impact on the health of your mouth. In fact, cosmetic dentistry practices have become so commonplace that most people cannot even fathom a world in which a procedure like placing a dental crown over a broken tooth is not available.  In fact, a dental crown is a perfect example of how a cosmetic dentist can restore the function of a tooth while simultaneously improving its appearance.

Among common conditions that we treat, malocclusion makes a frequent appearance. A malocclusion is basically a misalignment of the teeth. People commonly see this as teeth that are overlapping, unsightly gaps between the teeth, too many teeth in the mouth, or a smile filled with crooked teeth. While malocclusion is, in and of itself, not harmful it can have some harmful effects on the mouth. When you have teeth that are misaligned and misplaced, there is a natural crowding that occurs between some teeth making it a lot harder to clean. Toothbrushes and floss are unable to get between these gaps and clear away the plaque and bacterial buildup. This then can lead to cavities, bacterial infections, and even more serious problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease. As a cosmetic dentist, we can fix these gaps and eliminate these potential problems along with the strain misaligned teeth put on the jaw, teeth, and facial muscles.

Malocclusion, because of the pressure it puts on the jaw, teeth, and muscles, can make it easier for a person to break or chip a tooth. It can also lead to excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint, which in turn can lead to a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. As a cosmetic dentist, we can address this and other oral health issues in our dental office.

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