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A Family Dentist Can Encourage Healthy Habits in Kids

A Family Dentist Can Encourage Healthy Habits in Kids

Family DentistAs a family dentist, we strive to establish a longstanding relationship with your entire family - one that you can count on for generations.  We want to take care of your children's teeth, and maybe even their children's teeth. In today's mobile world, we do not experience this as often, but there are times when we will see generations of the same family coming in for their oral health and wellness checkups or cleanings. As a family dentist, these preventative visits are by far our favorite. They allow us to keep your teeth in good working order while catching any prospective problems and nipping them in the bud. From the first cavity to the need for dentures, as your family dentist, serving your every dental need is a privilege and a pleasure.

From our perspective, the faster we can start with caring for a younger member of your family, the better it is for everyone. We advise all parents that they should consider bringing in the little one as soon as they have most of their baby teeth or at least, prior to starting school. This allows us to do two very important functions. First it allows us to conduct a thorough examination of the child's mouth. Specializing in family dentistry means that we can catch any problems that may be coming down the road (like overcrowding) and take steps to correct them early. Equally as important, during that first visit, we can take the time to build a relationship with your child. Dental health and hygiene are an ongoing concern, so the sooner we can get your child to view us as an ally and a friend the more likely they are to return of their own bidding. Fears, including the fear of dentists, sets in at an early age.  Visiting our office, where they learn that there is nothing to fear, does wonders for a child's confidence and establishes the foundation for lifelong dental care.

The largest complaint a family dentist hears is from parents having difficulty getting a child to brush their teeth. For some reason, many children have decided that it is a personal punishment against them to brush. Since caring for a young child or children, can be challenging, we can help with suggestions for making teeth brushing easier and more enjoyable.  Since children tend to view the white coat and the spotless office as something to be respected, it puts us in a position to both educate and encourage them to be healthy. Being in this position of medical authority also allows us to reinforce your rules, and remind your children of the importance of brushing twice per day. A national study recently showed that the partnership between dentists and parents has resulted in over 93% of parents being able to get their kids to brush at least once, and mostly twice, per day. Working together, we can accomplish this and also help with things like getting your child to stop eating too many sweets. As a family dentist, we are your partner in health care and are available to assist with whatever your family needs.

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