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Answer These Questions During a Consultation With a Cosmetic Dentist

Answer These Questions During a Consultation With a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic DentistWhen you schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, be prepared to answer questions about what you like and don't like about your smile.  The more detailed you can be the better as it will allow us to make a customized recommendation and treatment plan to address all of your concerns. The more we know about your preferences and even personality, the better job we can do at customizing the perfect smile.

Here are some questions that you should be prepared to answer:

What don't you like about your smile?  This is a big one and be prepared to share details.  For example, let us know if you don't like gaps in between your teeth rather than not liking your smile altogether.  Specifics can be very helpful.  We can certainly make recommendations based on a complete smile makeover, but it still helps to know what your main issues are.

What is your schedule like?  We need to know how much time you have available to get dental treatments and if you have a set deadline for needing the work done.  For example, if you have a major event coming up like a wedding or high school reunion you will probably want to have your smile corrected first.  Knowing the deadline allows us to determine which treatment options can be completed during that timeframe.  Simultaneously, we need to know if you have difficulty making it in for dental appointments due to work or family responsibilities.  By knowing when you are available, we can book your cosmetic dentist appointments accordingly.

What is your relationship like with coffee and wine?  If you tend to drink or eat a lot of things that can stain your teeth – tell us.  We won't scold you but will provide solutions to help keep your teeth white anyway.

How do you feel about your gums?  Do you like how your gums look or do they take up too much of your smile?  If you feel that they are the wrong size, it can be corrected with a cosmetic procedure.

Do you like the size of your teeth?  Many people feel like their teeth are either too large or too small for their smile or their frame.  These issues can also be addressed through cosmetic procedures.  Even some celebrities have had their teeth enlarged in order to avoid looking like their teeth were too childish.

How white do you want your teeth?  It is important that you are comfortable with the appearance of your smile, and this includes the shade of your teeth. Make sure to tell us how white you want your teeth to become.  Some people are uncomfortable with brilliant white because they feel it is unnatural looking where others want their teeth as white as possible.  In most cosmetic procedures, there is an element that requires us to know what shade of white you like and we can show you examples if that would be helpful.

We can address your smile challenges in our cosmetic dentist office so let us know what you do and don't like about your smile so that we can craft the perfect one.

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