Are Toothpicks Safe For Teeth?

Getting a piece of food stuck between the teeth can be annoying and sometimes painful. Typically someone can use their finger to remove a piece of food that has become stuck. However, depending on where it is it could be too difficult to reach or even impossible with just the finger.

When this happens it is important to use something to help in dislodging the food. We are always told to never use metal on our teeth and be careful to not scratch our teeth or possibly puncture our gums. During many of these times, a toothpick could be great to help. They are safe for people to use and can be very helpful. Of course, they should never be used to pick down below the gum line.

Other than a toothpick, what can I use?

Dislodging a piece of food or something that is either stuck between the teeth or irritating the gums can be done a few ways. Today we will visit a few other options that a person may have and can use.

Water is for more than rehydrating

Drinking water is great for the overall health, yes. However, a lot of people may not realize that water is great for cleaning off teeth during the day. When a person drinks water it helps in removing bad bacteria, and washing away sugars and food particles that could begin the formation of plaque or tooth decay.

For people that typically drink sugary drinks including coffee with creamer or sodas, opting for a bottle of water during the day can have great benefits. Replacing two drinks that you would typically have with water will not only help to wash away stuck food but it also fends off staining and the forming of plaque and cavities. Keeping a healthy oral hygiene routine is just as important.

Floss and water flossers

Flossing every day is also important for removing stuck food and particles. If a person has not been keeping up with this task, starting is the best thing that they can do. It will also help to strengthen gums and fend off plaque forming between teeth.

For people that thoroughly dislike flossing, a water flosser may be a great option. These machines are very easy to use and typically only take adding water to the tank. The water is projected through and washes away food and bacteria. The strength of the water can be adjusted and should never be too rough or strong. This is also very beneficial for helping gum health.

Brushing is always important

Brushing of the teeth twice per day is vital for the teeth and oral health. It is important to remember that this can be one of the best ways to remove something stuck between the teeth.

Do you have additional questions about different things you can do to remove food that is stuck between your teeth? Contact our office today and our staff will be glad to help. We can answer additional questions and guide you on making the best decisions for your teeth and overall oral health.

Let us know what issues you are having and we will get the best answers for your specific needs and desires. Contact us today!

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