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Popular Options to Replace Missing Permanent Teeth

Popular Options to Replace Missing Permanent Teeth

Dental Replacements

There are many options when it comes to replacing missing permanent teeth. There is never a good reason to go around living with gaps in a person's smile. Besides making people feel self-conscious about their appearance, not replacing missing teeth can lead to a host of dental issues like teeth moving out of their proper alignment and jawbone tissue deteriorating. There are many popular options when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Missing permanent teeth replacement options

1. Dentures

Dentures are the most affordable way to replace permanent teeth that have fallen out. These devices consist of two parts: a framework that holds the device in place in the wearer's mouth, and a set of artificial teeth to replace the missing one.

Getting dentures does not involve any surgery, the dentist measures a patient's mouth and sends it to a lab where the prosthetic is made.


  • Economical solution
  • Does not require surgery
  • Looks real
  • Restores function of teeth


  • Not the most comfortable option
  • Does not address the bone tissue loss that is associated with missing teeth
  • Comes with a tiring maintenance routine
  • It is prone to slipping out at times
  • Sometimes requires the use of nasty-tasting adhesives

2. Implants

Implants are the preferred way to replace missing teeth. These prosthetics replace the entire missing tooth from the roots to the crown. This helps to ensure the jawbone remains properly stimulated, preserving the bone tissue.

Implants look and feel like real teeth, and they can last a lifetime when the patient practices good oral hygiene. Implants are inserted into the patient's jawbone surgically. Then, they are given a period of up to seven months to properly bond with the bone tissue holding the device in place. Once osseointegration is complete, a crown is placed on the external-facing end of the implant.


  • Permanent solution
  • Does not require specialized cleaning
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Prevents bone tissue loss


  • Requires surgery
  • One of the more expensive solutions
  • Not all patients are eligible for implants

3. Implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures are another popular option when it comes to replacing permanent teeth. These devices combine the affordability of dentures with the main benefits of implants like stability and the preservation of jawbone tissue.

During this procedure, the dentist will insert four to six implants into each arc of the patient's teeth. Dentures are then attached to the implants. It is typically given about seven months for osseointegration before a permanent set of dentures are attached to the implants.


  • More affordable than implants
  • Promotes healthy jawbone tissue
  • Looks and feels like real teeth
  • Does not require specialized cleaning


  • More expensive than dentures
  • The patient needs to have adequate bone tissue
  • The dentures have to be replaced after around five years

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