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Reasons People Avoid Dental Visits and Why They Are Wrong

Reasons People Avoid Dental Visits and Why They Are Wrong

The average person has at least considered some excuses to get out of a scheduled dental visit. After all, who enjoys visiting with the dentist? Aside from the rare individuals who never have cavities or other oral health issues, about everyone would prefer to stay at home or work and avoid the dentist's office altogether. Below, we take a look at some of the most common reasons why people skip their visits with the dentist. We also make the extra step of explaining the logic in such reasoning is deeply flawed.

The Fear of Finding out Dental Work is Necessary

In many cases, patients are not fearful of the dental cleaning. Instead, they are afraid of finding out they need dental procedures or treatments. Nobody wants to find out they have dental problems. Once the bad news is broken, the patient might get emotional, clam up or become angry. This is precisely why most people dread having their teeth analyzed by dentists. Such an in-depth analysis is quite telling regarding which patients thoroughly clean their teeth and those who rush through or skip this essential process.

The truth is the news will get that much worse if you skip your dental appointments. Procrastinate for years, and you will find your oral health evaluation proves quite costly as that many more restorations and procedures will be necessary due to neglect. It is better to pay for incremental dental treatment rather than deal with an uber-expensive, intensive restoration project that takes days if not weeks to complete.

The Fear of Dental Instruments

Some patients skip their dental visits merely because they dislike the sight, sound, and feel of dental instruments. After all, no one enjoys having their teeth drilled to remove cavities. In some cases, merely seeing the dental instruments is enough to trigger a patient to find the exit or start questioning whether they can move forward with the procedure in question. However, this outlook on dental care is flawed in that the latest dental instruments are much more advanced than those of yesteryear. Modern dental drills are so quiet that some produce almost no noise at all. These drills are expertly engineered to generate as little discomfort as possible.

Memories of bad Experiences at the Dentist's Office

Some people avoid visiting with the dentist as they went through some traumatizing treatments and procedures as a child or young adult. If you have been traumatized by a dental visit gone awry, do not give up! Try it once more, see how dental technology has improved and you will find your treatments and cleanings are surprisingly comfortable. In fact, you will even be provided with the opportunity to enjoy some entertainment be it in the form of headphones, your smartphone, listening to music, and watching TV while your teeth are treated.

Contact our office today and experience for yourself how much has changed when going to the dentist!

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