What Happens When a Loose Tooth Is Pulled Out?

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Got a loose tooth and wondering what will happen if you just pull it out? Firstly, good for you for looking into what will happen if you pull out your loose tooth. When one or more of your teeth are loose, then something is definitely going on with your oral health. When your teeth are loose, it means that your gums are not able to fully support them, which could mean that you have a gum disease. When you have a gum disease, you will experience many issues with your teeth and gums, including loose teeth.

How do teeth get loose?

How exactly does a tooth can get loose in the first place? While someone who experiences trauma to their facial area can experience one or more loose teeth, a more common reason people experience loose teeth is because they are not properly taking care of their oral health. When the teeth are not brushed and flossed on a regular basis, there will eventually be a buildup of plaque and tartar. This buildup is going to attack both the teeth and the gums, making it so the teeth will eventually become loose.

What happens when a loose tooth is pulled out?

What exactly happens when a loose tooth is pulled out? It depends on whether it is a child’s loose tooth or an adult's loose tooth.

What happens when a child’s loose tooth is pulled out? If a child’s loose tooth is ready to come out, then nothing will happen when pulling out their loose tooth. The area is now ready for their permanent tooth to grow in. If a child’s tooth is not ready to be pulled out of their mouth and it is pulled out anyway, then the child may experience some discomfort, pain, bleeding, potential damage to the gum tissues and even a possible infection.

What happens when an adult's loose tooth is pulled out? If an adult pulls out one of their teeth that are loose, they will now have an empty space where the tooth once was. This empty space will cause them oral issues, making it necessary for them to see a dental professional.

Got questions?

If you have a loose tooth and are wondering what your next step is, you can give us a call for advice. Our team of dental professionals are always ready and willing to answer any questions related to your good oral health. When you have a tooth that is loose, you definitely want to make sure you do not lose the tooth. Keeping your natural teeth is always preferred over having to get false teeth. We are here if you need us, so please do not hesitate to call when you have a moment to spare.

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