Why Dental Hygiene is Important Now, Asha Dental, KS

Why Dental Hygiene is Important Now

As we get used to the new normal during the global pandemic of COVID-19, preventative care may be less likely to happen in a dental office, and more likely to take place at home. Dental Hygiene is important to at home preventative care. But why is it so important?

Plaque Is a Multi Tasker

Plaque doesn’t just give your enamel a run for its money. It also affects your gums and soft tissue in the mouth, causing inflammation, bleeding, and eventually if left unchecked, severe gum disease that can even cause tooth loss. Making a daily war on plaque is the best way you can prevent cavities and gum disease. Taking it seriously now when regular dental cleanings aren’t happening as much is one reason why dental hygiene is important now.

Keeping Your Mouth Clean is More Than Just a Toothbrush

Keeping your mouth clean doesn’t just mean brushing your teeth twice daily. You have other ways to freshen breath, discourage plaque, and make those pesky food particles stuck between your teeth to get lost! Flossing is one way to take dental hygiene seriously. Getting all those little spots your brush can’t reach is vital. Brushing teeth alone only covers about 47% of plaque! Let the floss do it’s work and send that plaque packing! Also, eating crisp fresh fruits and vegetables means all that fiber is cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath while you’re eating! Add in nutrients from fresh fruits and veggies, and you’re really showing your mouth that you think dental hygiene is important! Drinking and eating plain dairy products can also tell plaque to get lost, as the proteins help to prevent plaque from sticking to teeth, and the calcium supports good bone health to boot!

We Are All in This Together

Although this global pandemic is a difficult time, you’re not alone. Part of being in this together means acknowledging that dental hygiene is important not only by saying it, but by doing it. Prioritize your dental health and do all you can to do preventative care at home, and minimize the risk to your dentist and their staff. If you’re concerned about emergency dental needs, do call immediately to discuss your options, the nature of your emergency, and how we can help you. Call our Leawood Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.

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