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What Are The Most Common Options for TMJ Treatment in Lenexa

Jun 9, 2022 | Dental Health, TMJ Treatment

The TMJ joints let you open, close, and move your jaw. Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) links your jawbone to your skull. This joint is on each side of your jaw. TMJ disorders normally cause a lot of issues, including pain in the jaw joint and in the muscles that regulate the movement of the jaw.

Treatment of TMJ disorders

It is not unusual for the signs of TMJ disorders to go away on their own. But if the signs continue, pursuing medical care is forever a good idea. A dentist in Lenexa may recommend different treatment choices relying on a patient’s situation. Here is some common treatment for TMJ disorders in Lenexa.


Along with other nonsurgical options, there are a variety of medication choices to ease the pain related to TMJ disorders. Over-the-counter medications usually help patients. Sometimes medications may not be capable of easing the pain on their own. If this is the case, the dentist may prescribe stronger pain relievers for a brief time. The dentist may also recommend tricyclic antidepressant pills in low doses for pain relief. For TMJ disorders caused by muscle cramps, patients can use muscle relaxants for some days or a few weeks to find pain relief.

Stabilization Splints

Many people got the benefit from using oral devices. A stabilization splint is a plastic guard designed to fit over either the lower or upper teeth. Over the years, stabilization splints are getting used to treat TMJ disorders. These splints are perfect for short-term use and will not cause permanent shifts in the bite. If a stabilization splint impacts the bite, increases, or causes pain, the patient must discontinue using it and see a dentist in Lenexa for TMJ treatment as early as possible.

Surgery & Other Methods

A dentist may suggest TMJ surgery when other treatment options have not proven effective. Some usual procedures include arthrocentesis and open-joint surgery. Arthrocentesis is a procedure where the dentist inserts tiny needles into the joint. It allows fluid to flush through the joint to help remove waste and inflammatory products.
Open-joint surgery is usually the last alternative, it is suggested when more conventional treatments do not benefit. The surgery can replace or fix the joint. But patients should know that it implicates more risks compared to other procedures. Patients should only consider surgery after learning about its pros and cons.

Schedule an Appointment With TMJ Dentist in Lenexa

If you think you are suffering from TMJ disorder, seek medical attention as early as you can. Your Lenexa dentist will talk to you about the potential reasons and treatment alternatives to solve your problem. These may comprise medications, stabilization splints, and even surgery. Our dentist in Lenexa will suggest a proper treatment relying on your situation and requirements. You should always ask about the benefits and risks involved in the treatment & must not forget to ask for other alternative treatment options. So call us at (913) 359-0868 to take the expert advice of our dentist in Lenexa. That way, you can make an ideal decision before starting your treatment.