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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Going to the Dentist

Jul 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

The dentist is meant to keep your oral health clean, healthy, and fresh.  If you are too afraid to go to the dentist, how will you be able to go in for your bi-annual dentist cleanings? Below are seven reasons to not be scared of going to the dentist.

Top 7 reasons to not be afraid of the dentist

Reason #1

Dentists clean and treat your teeth, gums, and your jaw. Your oral health helps keep you alive and well. Cleaning by a dentist is nothing like brushing and flossing, and aids in stopping any issues before they become more significant problems.

Reason #2

The dentist is your friend; they want to make sure your smile and oral health are up to par. By going to the dentist twice a year, people will not have bigger issues pop up that could genuinely bring more significant fear and anxiety.

Reason #3

Stop fearing pain. Nowadays, through advancement, innovative technology, and pharmaceutical numbing agents, patients will not feel as much pain as they used to in the past. Some people report feeling no pain at all with the new technology options!

Reason #4

If you don’t go to the dentist twice a year, then you could be at higher risk of getting heart disease.  This condition can end up being fatal.  Cleaning your teeth regularly and following your dentist’s advice will keep your risk level lower.

Reason #5

If you decide not to go to the dentist, then you will have problem areas in your mouth that will build-up and not be adequately cleaned.

By waiting too long to be seen, and if your tooth hurts or is uncomfortable, then you may have to pay more for a sophisticated treatment down the road.  Had you visited a qualified dentist sooner, you would have avoided the more costly option. Never let your tooth rot all the way to the nerve; a dead nerve can’t be fixed. Instead, visit a dentist to see what all is going on inside your mouth.

Reason #6

Have you ever come across a monstrous dentist? If this is the case, you can’t let one time ruin it for you.

You need to ask around and see whom people like and read online reviews. The things other patients say can give you a sizeable telltale sign as to whether or not a dentist is a good option.

Reason #7

In the end, you only have one pair of real teeth. If you properly manage and care for your teeth, the way you should, you can avoid lengthy, costly procedures.

Some good oral hygiene practices are the following:

  • Go to your dentist twice a year, every six months
  • Get x-rays once a year; this will help your dentist spot problem areas before they get worse.
  • Brush and floss day in and day out (twice).
  • Stay away from too much sugar, soda, and alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat healthy: lean meats, vitamins, fish, nuts, water, vegetables, and fruit.
  • Exercise 150 minutes a week and sleep 7-9 hours a night.

If you follow the points above, you will have a beautiful smile, and you will lessen your chances of having to resort to dentures or having to splurge on dental implants. Make sure to adopt consistent and hygienic habits towards your oral health, and you will be a healthier person.

Dentists help prevent larger issues

Going to the dentist should be a preventative measure, this way, you can live longer and enjoy the life. Never hesitate to reach out to our office for more information and ways we can help ease any fears. Contact us today to let us begin helping you!

Call our Leawood, KS, dental office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.