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Pediatric Dentistry

“Great knowledge, great service, great personalities and top notch people! My elementary age children also left a pediatric dentist many years ago and are now patients of Dr. Patel. The experience for them has been phenomenal, including X-rays, cleaning and even treatment of a cavity.”

Natalie B.

Pediatric Dentistry In Leawood and Lenexa, KS

We take pleasure in offering the best kid dental care in Leawood, Lenexa, KS at Asha Dental. Our dentist and the team of other dental professionals believe in creating a caring and enjoyable environment for children who are nervous about their first dental visit. We offer a variety of treatments, including dental check-ups, teeth cleaning, and sealants, among others.

Our dentist provides kid-friendly dental services in a fun, non-frightening environment that puts your child at ease at Asha Dental – Leawood, Lenexa, KS. Even our youngest patients are taught how to keep healthy smiles at home, and we make sure they comprehend each stage of the procedure. Asha Dental is here for you and your family when you need kids’ dental services. Children, like adults, should get two annual checkups and cleanings.

Adding a dental appointment to an already hectic schedule can be inconvenient. We make every effort to make your appointment as simple and efficient as possible. Our procedure is straightforward.

Make an appointment for your child by calling us. We’ll make your family’s dental experience enjoyable, stress-free, and kid-friendly. Taking care of your baby teeth will set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles. We’ll make it enjoyable at Asha Dental – Leawood, Lenexa, KS.

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Know The Importance Of A Pediatric Dentist

We are fortunate to have the best pediatric dentist in Leawood and Lenexa, KS, and nearby. When a child visits our pediatric dentistry office, we strive to make them feel as relaxed as possible. We recognize the anxiety that children may experience while visiting the dentist for the first time, and our objective is to ensure that they enjoy their dental appointment every time they visit our office.

It is vital that children develop a positive relationship with their pediatric dentists. This instills in children good dental habits that will last for the rest of their lives. Our dentist office can assist you in teaching your children proper dental hygiene skills such as brushing, flossing, and caring for their teeth. We also offer advice to parents on how to help their children establish a good dental hygiene regimen.

We will always work with you at our dental office to ensure that your children receive the best dental treatment available. Our team appreciates how important it is for you to select the best pediatric dentist for your children. We want you and your children to feel at ease and look forward to visiting our dentist’s office.

When To See A Pediatric Dentist For The First Time?

It’s essential to book an appointment with one of our family dentists as soon as your child’s first baby teeth appear. This might happen as early as 3 months or as late as 18 months for each child. We strongly advise that you make an appointment for your child’s first birthday, if possible.

You should visit a family dentist with experience in pediatric dentistry since they’ll know the best ways to keep your child’s mouth clean and healthy. For a youngster, going to the dentist for the first time might be scary, but working with a dentist who has worked with children before will make the process much easier. We will assist your youngster in maintaining a healthy smile and laying a foundation for future dental health.

Why Choose Asha Dental?

You will notice the difference the moment you enter our dental office. We created our lobby and exam rooms to be kid-friendly as a children’s dentist facility. Age-appropriate books, toys, and pleasant colors are available to assist your youngster to relax and feel at ease. If you live in the Leawood and Lenexa area in Kansas, we also encourage that you bring your child to our clinic for their first dental exam. When a youngster is comfortable in their surroundings, they are more relaxed and feel safe. Stop by and say hello to our pleasant office staff so that your child feels at ease during their visit to our children’s dentist office for a teeth cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning and examining your child’s teeth, our team has the appropriate skills and training to function as a pediatric dentist, making your child feel at ease during their visit. We can make your child feel at ease in a friendly manner and chat. We also believe in allowing children to determine their own pace, so if cleaning teeth is too much for the first visit, we will begin with an evaluation and make a second appointment for teeth cleaning. The goal is to establish a culture of lifelong oral health, which begins with a pleasurable experience. Call (913) 440-4199 to make an appointment with our Leawood and Lenexa, KS, children’s dentist.

Here’s how it works:

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Schedule an appointment.

We understand that life can be wildly busy, so we work hard to schedule conveniently around your commitments.

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Enjoy a playful, stress-free visit.

We love giving our young patients a positive experience with dental care. With many creative and compassionate ways of engaging with kids, we try our best to make your child’s time in our office fun.

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Love those healthy little grins!

Give your children the gift of growing up with healthy teeth and enjoying the confidence that comes with a bright, shiny smile.

We provide quality dental care in Leawood and Lenexa, KS.