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Describe How a Dentist Treats TMJ Near Me

May 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

“How can a dentist treating TMJ near me, help with my symptoms?” If this question sounds familiar to you because you have the same problem, we understand and we can help. If you have ever experienced TMJ disorders, you know the frustration of constant discomfort. We have the treatment options and care you need to address your symptoms and to answer your questions.

Q: Does a dentist treating TMJ near me understand my symptoms?

A: Yes. We can also help you understand why you may be experiencing the symptoms that come with TMJ. If you still are unsure of what exactly TMJ is or why you have it, we can answer those questions too. TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. If you have TMJ, you may experience jeopardized movement of your jaw joint on a daily basis. You may also struggle with constant discomfort, aching, facial pain, a locked jaw, and at times grinding or popping. Since the jaw joint is attached to your skull and the nerves in the area intertwine, the constant discomfort that comes with TMJ may also result in consistent headaches.

The cause of TMJ is still widely unknown. There are theories that TMJ results from jaw injuries, grinding your teeth at night, or arthritis in your jaw bone region. Fortunately, many of the symptoms you experience are not permanent.

Q: How can a dentist treating TMJ near me help my symptoms?

A: Treating symptoms of TMJ has been widely successful, meaning your likelihood of beating this discomfort is good. Before we begin your treatment, we will discuss with you important facts about your TMJ disorder. We will ask you when it started, how long have the symptoms been occurring, are there any injuries to blame, do you experience headaches, how constant is your pain, and many other essential questions that we will consider when choosing your treatment. We may also feel for jaw popping or grinding. An x-ray may also be taken.

After this process, in most case we will fit your for an oral appliance that will prevent your teeth from grinding or clenching at night. Even though it is only at night, it will give your jaw joint the opportunity to rest and heal. You will also be able to sleep more deeply and experience fewer headaches the following morning. If this retainer treatment does not work efficiently enough, we can provide you with muscle relaxers or sedatives that may decrease your jaw movement at night. We may also encourage you to undergo physical therapy to strengthen the area.

As stressful and bothersome as TMJ disorders may be, you can trust that our dentist office can answer your questions concerning how “a dentist treating TMJ near me can help.” You will experience relief, and your TMJ will subside with time and with treatment. It is rare that you will have to undergo surgery or injections at the aggravated site, but these treatments are also available if the need for them arises.  In our dental office, we do not recommend surgery or invasive procedures because a removable oral appliance is typically all that is required to help you feel better.

Call our Leawood, KS, dental office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.