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What Are The Myths About Dental Sealants Treatment?

Feb 24, 2022 | Dental Sealants

Debunking The Dental Sealants Myth

Many individuals may still delay their dental appointment for getting sealants despite the many benefits it delivers. Maybe, their delays are due to misinterpretations about the sealant. We at Asha Dental believe that everyone, be it children or adults, should protect their overall oral health against the damaging effects of cavities. Our purpose is to debunk the myths associated with dental sealants to inspire more people to consider dental sealants an effective treatment.

1. Myth: Sealants are only Fit for Pediatric Patients.

Even though dental sealants are often used on pediatric patients, this does not mean that the treatment is only good for children. Yes, kids need more protection from tooth decay, because when it comes to brushing, flossing, and maintaining proper oral hygiene, they are comparatively not good as adults. However, adults who are vulnerable to decay can benefit just the same. Also, dental sealants can be a good way to save teeth from stains.

2. Myth: Dental Sealants aren’t That Effective.

When applied appropriately, dental sealants are highly effective at preventing issues of tooth decay and stains. The material is so effective, that some research indicates that dental sealants can lower the chances of decay in molars by as much as 82 percent. Kids between the ages of 7 to 12 who don’t have dental sealants may have more chances of tooth decay.

3. Myth: Dental Sealants Compounds aren’t Good

Dental sealers can have different compounds relying on what product the dentist in Overland Park uses in their dental office. Almost all sealant products are plastic-based and have minimal amounts of BPA (Bisphenol A), but the amount would be many times less than what you would be exposed to just by using certain cosmetics. Further, there are no general side effects involved in the treatment. 

4. Myth: The Application of Sealants is Painful

One of the grounds why patients refuse to get dental sealants is because they think that the process hurts. The fact is, the way the dentist near you applies these coatings are delicate, non-invasive, and precise. 

5. Myth: Only Children Need Sealants

Sealants are typically advised for children because their permanent teeth are new. However, adults can also take advantage of dental sealants in Overland Park. Cavities can form at any age, that is why sealants get instructed for adults as well.

6. Myth: Sealants Look Awkward on the Teeth

Others worry about looking amusing with sealants. They believe that the coatings can make their teeth seem unpleasant. However, the treatment of dental sealants in Overland Park is invisible, and they bond fast on the teeth.

Dental Sealants In Overland Park

Now you know about the myths associated with dental sealants, no matter any circumstances, you can have sealants on your molars to protect them from getting a cavity & form a protective shield to block the germs. If you want to get rid of your dental cavity, our professional dentists suggest getting dental sealants in Overland Park. So without hesitation contact us to book your appointment at our dental office. We look forward to helping you get the best dental care possible in every way.