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Transforming Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry In Overland Park

Jul 18, 2022 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Through porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening, you can get a beautiful smile in just a few dental office visits to a cosmetic dentist in Overland Park. Cosmetic dentistry has a series of customized dental procedures for improving the appearance of your teeth and gums. At Overland Park Dentist, our cosmetic dentistry goals are to not only give you a healthy, beautiful smile but ensure that your oral health is at its best.

Transforming Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Veneers

Thanks to dental advancement, you can restore your smile in just a couple of appointments with a cosmetic dentist in Overland Park. One popular method for restoring impaired or badly stained teeth is with porcelain veneers. This natural-looking, cosmetic dentistry option can return your tooth to its original shine and shape. Dental veneers are also excellent for filling gaps between teeth. A thin layer of porcelain is applied over the impacted tooth to provide it with a new outer layer. Porcelain veneers offer you a cosmetic benefit as they are more immune to staining than other cosmetic dental procedures. Porcelain veneers lower the gum irritation that alternative forms of veneers can cause. Dr. Prashant Patel is proficient at achieving a natural-looking shape, color, and size for your porcelain veneer.

Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is a highly advised procedure by the cosmetic dentist in Overland Park for teeth that require small, minor corrections. Sometimes the tiniest modifications make the biggest differences! Dental bonding uses a unique resin that bonds to your tooth to correct chips or cracks. Dental bonding is famous because of its simple procedure and affordability, but it produces surprising results. Dental bonding can be done in one visit to our dental office in Overland Park. It also needs little enamel removal from your tooth for keeping more of your tooth’s original composition unchanged. It reduces the chance of hot and cold sensitivity. Dental bonding is a simple process in that you don’t have to worry about getting anesthesia. Aftercare is minimal compared to the excellent oral hygiene and healthy mouth you will get.

Teeth Whitening

The most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment till now is teeth whitening. At Asha Dental, we offer teeth whitening services in our dental office located in Overland Park & at-home teeth whitening kit that provides whitening for a slightly longer period. Each option offers a remarkable set of benefits. You can also use in-office whitening treatments and at-home treatments to get the maximum whitening effect.

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry In Overland Park

Cosmetic dentistry, when done in the right way, has many benefits & it can transform your smile from dull-looking to a sheen smile. Not sure which option to use? Dr. Patel can help you consider the pros and cons of each treatment and help you determine your teeth whitening evaluation at our dental office in Overland Park.
Your smile can make you feel more confident about yourself & boost your self-esteem. No, you do not have to hide your smile behind those lips, contact us today & we can give you the bright smile you deserve.