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Wedding Smile Makeover

Apr 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

If you live in Leawood, KS call (913) 440-4199 to schedule your wedding smile makeover with our cosmetic dentist office.  This will be the most spectacular day of your life, memorable in every way.  Each of those memories will likely be caught on film and camera.  With a professional photographer walking around and your friends snapping selfies – this is one day that you want to look perfect, and your smile plays an important part in that.  Your smile is typically the first thing that people see.  It has the ability to light up your face and the room.  At Asha Dental, we can improve your smile so that it looks as radiant as you feel.

To start your wedding smile makeover, schedule a consultation with our family dentist office so that we can examine your teeth and gums then discuss everything that you do and don’t like about your smile. If you have any cavities or infections, we will address these first to ensure that your mouth is completely healthy prior to getting started.  Next, we typically recommend having a professional teeth whitening service since this is the fastest and easiest way to improve the appearance of your smile.  If you are having additional cosmetic procedures or looking to permanently replace dentures, it is still important to have this completed first so that everything will match once done.

Patients throughout the 66211 area also visit Asha Dental for dental veneers.  In our dentist office, we use veneers to complete a wedding smile makeover because they can close gaps in between teeth, change the shape or size of teeth, make crooked teeth appear straight and cover dark stains.  Veneers are what many Hollywood stars have used to create their perfect smile – making them an ideal solution.  There is virtually no issue with your smile that we can’t address so whether your teeth look out of place, you are missing one or you have dark stains – we can correct the issue in time for you to have a gorgeous smile for your special day.  Those with even more time to plan may want to consider orthodontics or dental implants to resolve some esthetic issues. If you live in or around Leawood, schedule your appointment today so that you can have the smile you have always wanted on the day that will create a lifetime of memories.

Your Health

While planning for a gorgeous wedding smile, you should also take the time to think about your health.  If you experience headaches and neck pain, this could interfere with your ability to enjoy the wedding festivities and even your honeymoon.  As a headaches dentist in Leawood, KS, we treat headaches and symptoms of TMJ.  If you are looking for TMJ near me, call (913) 440-4199 to schedule an appointment with our Leawood family dentist office.  If you aren’t familiar with TMJ, it can produce face, neck, and jaw pain as a result of grinding or clenching your teeth at night – something we can prevent as a family dentist in Leawood.

In our 66211 dental office, we can also examine your gums to ensure that they are completely healthy and without infection prior to getting married.  This way you can enjoy your wedding day free from discomfort.

Call our Leawood, KS, dental office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.