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What Is the Difference Between Dental Fillings and Dental Veneers?

Aug 10, 2019 | Dental Fillings

With so many procedures available, including dental veneers, it is no wonder that so many people feel confused. When it comes to fillings and veneers, there are significant differences. Take the time to learn the difference between the two. Then, talk to your doctor about the treatment you need.

Improving one’s smile

More than ever, people have a broad range of ways to improve their smiles. The days of avoiding people are gone. Instead, individuals who have crooked, cracked or discolored teeth can feel confident. It all comes down to having the correct procedure done. Some treatments, like dental fillings, are more of a repair while, dental veneers transform the way that the front teeth look.

Understanding dental fillings

Years ago, dentists used amalgam to fill cavities. This silver material was not only unsightly but also potentially dangerous. To make even back teeth look better and without putting a patient at risk, dentists use an alternative. Today, dental professionals offer fillings that match the color of a person’s natural teeth. That means when yawning and laughing, there is no silver visible.

When someone experiences tooth decay, holes need filling. Otherwise, the tooth could become irritated and ultimately, infected. If the latter happens, the dentist would likely need to perform a root canal. That involves drilling a hole to remove the pulp inside along with any debris. Then, the dentist reshapes the canal and places a crown on top. The goal is to have a dental filling the minute a person suspects a cavity.

Understanding dental veneers

The great thing about dental veneers is that they work to correct problems and improve smiles. Typically applied to a patient’s front teeth, these look absolutely natural. Whether made from composite resin or porcelain, these cover cracks, chips, misalignments and yellowed teeth. Dental veneers also work to hide gaps between teeth.

If someone opts for dental veneers made from composite resin, there is a good chance the dentist can make them on the same day. As a result, the patient can leave the dental office with a gorgeous smile. For porcelain veneers, it takes roughly two weeks. The reason is that the dentist takes a mold of the patient’s teeth. That mold then goes to an off-site laboratory. There, a professional works to craft the number of veneers ordered.

Once ready, the dentist would have the patient return to the office. Depending on the number of dental veneers a person gets, the process can take up to an hour. With either option, the person’s teeth look amazing. At the same time, veneers look and feel like a patient’s permanent teeth.

Make a change today

If you experience pain with hot or cold or when biting down, you might have a cavity. For that, you would need to see your dentist about a dental filling. However, if you want to transform your smile, you would opt for dental veneers. As long as you make a good candidate, you will have the teeth you always wanted. Why wait when you can change how you look and feel in very little time?

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