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Why a Family Dentist in Leawood Recommends Using Media

Apr 17, 2015 | Family Dentistry

When you visit a family dentist in Leawood, there is zero chance of you leaving without talking about teeth brushing.  It is that important.  In order for your kids to have healthy teeth and gums, they must brush their teeth on a regular basis.  This means taking the time to do it for two minutes, twice a day.  Most kids simply don’t want to do this because they are either uninterested or perceivably too busy.  Our job, working with you as parents, is to change their mind. We want our young patients to become excited about oral health and participate in it willingly so that as they get older, they will continue to have healthy habits.

As a family dentist, we realize that this sounds easier than it actually is.  While many parents have tried forcing kids to brush or even standing there with a timer, we are more interested in finding ways that are easy to implement by focusing on what kids already enjoy.  This is where media comes in.  Most kids enjoy using a tablet or smartphone.  In fact, many toddlers already know how to operate them.  This starts early as baby’s get used to you taking pictures, and kids watch their favorite cartoon on Netflix.  Regardless of how often your children use electronics, the chances are that they would use them more often if allowed.  Fortunately, you can use your smartphone and tablet as a way to encourage good health, not just for entertainment.

  • Teach them.  You can play a video tutorial showing your kids how to brush their teeth properly.  This works better than constantly reminding them, and the videos are short and easy to watch.  This is important because a lot of kids look like they are brushing but are really only wiggling the toothbrush around in their mouth.  As a family dentist in Leawood, we know that if they aren’t brushing correctly, they are probably leaving a lot of bacteria and plaque on their teeth.
  • Sing and dance.  Find out what their favorite song is and play it for them while they brush. You can play it for the full two minutes and soon they will be dancing and brushing.  This is a great way to start their day and may even put them in a better mood.  You can play a different song every day to make it fun and more interesting.
  • Play videos.  If you visit the American Dental Association website, they have a section of two minute videos that you can play for your kids.  Instead of boring, information clips these are actually popular cartoons like Adventure Time.  This way your kids will be interested in watching and brushing.  It works so well that the time will pass before they even know it and simultaneously, they will learn to brush for the full amount of time.

As a family dentist in Leawood, our goal is for your child to learn healthy habits that they can keep throughout their lifetime. This way their risk of getting cavities will be greatly reduced and common toothaches can be prevented.

Call our Leawood, KS, dental office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.