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Why Are Dental Sealants Recommended for Children?

Feb 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Children’s teeth are often prone to many harmful things including damage like decay or erosion, but with the help of dental sealants, a parent can protect their children’s teeth early on.

Because children are constantly consuming sugary beverages and foods, it can be difficult to keep their teeth in a healthy condition. It is important to protect baby teeth that children hold so that when their adult teeth come in, they are also in good, healthy shape. However, doing so can be hard when things like juices and candies exist.

Learn more about how dental sealants can help a child as we discuss why they are recommended for children here!

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are protective plastic coverings that go right over the molars in a child’s mouth. The molars are most prone to cavities and decay because they are primarily used for chewing foods that may contain sugar.

The sealant goes over the small grooves that molars have in order to protect the molar from bacteria and germs that might form from excessive amounts of sugar or from poor dental hygiene. Children often have a hard time brushing these small grooves because they can be hard to see or reach.

Why are dental sealants recommended for children?

Early protection

While the most common benefit is that dental sealants protect children’s teeth from cavities or decay, what most people don’t realize is that dental sealants will essentially avoid cavities from forming which in turn also prevents decay. Having dental sealants placed on a child’s teeth early on will help them avoid cavities.


Dental sealants are made of plastic but dentists recommend them because the plastic contains safe low amounts of BPA, which a lot of parents are concerned about. It is good to know that there is little to sometimes even no BPA in certain dental sealants, thus providing relief to parents that are concerned.


Unlike most dental procedures, dental sealants are typically covered under most people’s insurance meaning that almost nothing is required out of pocket to be paid. A lot of parents worry that preventative measures for protecting the teeth will put a dent in their wallets but with dental sealants, that is not the case. What’s better than an affordable method of protecting your child’s teeth against cavities?


Dental sealants have grown in popularity because parents and people have realized that their children will only benefit from them. They protect the most commonly used molars from forming bacterial growth that could lead to cavities. Dentists recommend that children have sealants placed at an early age so that they are less prone to cavities or decay.

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